Seo Training Institute Sahibabad

Chapter 1.Understanding Search Engines
·         Meaning of Search Engines
·         How Search Engine Index and Rank Pages
·         Types of Search Engines
·         Web Crawling, Indexing, Searching, and Penalization policies of search engines
·         Google, Yahoo, MSN and other major search engines — Competitive Analysis
·         Difference between ethical and Organic search engine results 

Chapter 2. Introduction and Overview of Search Engine Optimization
·         Meaning of Search engine Optimization
·         Difference between Off page and On page optimization
·         Difference between SEO, SEM and PPC
·         Geo Targeting
·         How to do Competitive analysis of sites
·         How SEO grow your business 

·         Chapter 3. Website Structuring
·         Difference between static and dynamic websites
·         Basics of html
·         Search engine compatible designing
·         Selection of keyword enriched domain names
·         Directory and URL structuring
·         Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
·         Page File Extensions
·         Navigation Menus
·         Server Side Includes (SSI) 

Chapter 4. Search engine friendly content writing
·         Latent Semantic Indexing and SEO
·         Incorporating Keyword into your Content Pages
·         Creating H1, H2….within Content
·         How to frequently add content to your site.
·         Why content is the king?
·         Disadvantage of using Duplicate content. 

Chapter 5. Keyword Research and Analysis
·         Choosing the right keywords
·         Keyword Density, Keyword prominence and Keyword proximity
·         Keywords in URL and File names
·         Keywords in Meta Tag.
·         Keywords in Headings and Images.
·         Google adword tool, word tracker tool and other useful keyword research tools 

Chapter 6: Onpage Optimization
·         Title Optimization
·         Meta Tag Optimization
·         Important HTML Tags
·         Keyword Optimization and synonyms
·         Link Optimization
·         Image Optimization
·         Creation of HTML and XML Sitemaps
·         Robots.txt creation and implementation
·         W3C validation 

·         Chapter 7: Types of SEO Techniques
·         White Hat SEO
·         Grey Hat 

Chapter 8. Offpage Optimization
·         Directory Submission
·         Article writing and Submissions
·         Blog writing and submissions
·         Writing Blog and forum comments
·         Press Release Submissions
·         Classified Postings
·         Guest Posting
·         Blog Commenting 

Chapter 9. Link Popularity — Crux of Search Engine optimization
·         Inbound and outbound Links
·         Backward links
·         Textual and banner links
·         Important factors influencing Link popularity
·         Links to avoid
·         Free link popularity tools
·         One way, reciprocal and three way link building
·         Link baiting, paid links. 

Chapter 10. Social Media Marketing
·         Getting traffic using twitter, facebook, linkadin
·         Digg, furl, stumble upon and other social sites
·         Benefits of Social media marketing
·         Viral Marketing
·         RSS and Atom feed syndication 

Chapter 11. Google
·         Brief history of google
·         Google algorithms
·         Google page rank
·         How google indexed and rank pages
·         Competitive analysis of google, yahoo and MSN
·         brief introduction Google Adsense and Google Adwords 

Chapter 12. Miscellaneous SEO Activities
·         Image and video optimization
·         Optimizing site using javascript,flash,frames and CSS
·         Optimizing animated and flash movies
·         How to use Canonical URLS
·         Paid Ad submissions
·         Using Do follow and no follow tags 

Chapter 13. Major SEO Tools
·         Google Analytics tool
·         Google Webmaster tool
·         Google Adword tool
·         SEO chat
·         Alexa tool bar
·         Quirk biz tool
·         Yahoo and MSN Webmaster tool
·         Google Disavow Tool 

Chapter 14. Common SEO Mistakes
·         Keyword stuffing
·         Doorway pages and Hidden text
·         Duplicate content
·         Link Spamming
·         Targeting wrong keywords 

·         Chapter 15. Latest Google Algorithms·

Google Panda
Google Penguin
Google Hummingbird
How to overcome from Google Penalties