• 10-Tips that will build Thousands of Twitter Followers

    Twitter has not changed its rules and still kept it to 140-character limit. Though it is getting tough competition from its main rivals Facebook and Google+. But succinct nature of reporting has given this social platform immense popularity. You can see twitter popping up on the television screen. Viewers have live interaction with the programs they are watching. The limitation of characters has forced people to make their tweets pithy, sharp, and humorous. In this article, you will get 10-tips that will help you grow your followers on twitter.

    ·         You should make your profile and bio relevant to your niche. This is the most important thing that will help you grow your followers. Bio is limited to 160 characters so make it clear and concise.

    ·         You should tweet more often to increase your followers. It has been observed that people with 15,000 plus tweets have around I million followers.

    ·         Use hashtag in your tweet that will help you reach your target audience and expand your reach.

    ·         You can use application like hootsuite for schedule and automate tweets.

    ·         Follow people of your niche who are influencers and have substantial followers on twitters.

    ·         When you retweet content of influencers, you should let them by @mention

    ·         Twitter is not an inbox but a stream. In order to engage your followers by tweeting, you should post valuable content to your target audience.

    ·         You should promote your twitter account on every social media community. This is very helpful in gaining followers.

    ·         You find people on twitters that have same interests as you do with tool like Tweepi.

    ·         You should always participate in twitter chat or you should start chat related to your niche.

    Why should you try to increase followers?

    It has many benefits for you business having many twitter followers. It increases brand awareness among the people who matters for you business. It distributes your content faster and can improve your link building campaign. Twitter is an excellent medium to drive huge traffic on your website or blog that can result in to more business opportunities. The outcome of twitter depends on how you use twitter. Many tools can help you in effectively managing your twitter account. You can study the influencers’ profiles and try to find out why they are so popular on this social media. This can give you an idea about what you have to do to make your profile more engaging.

    Author Bio:

    The author is working as a social media expert for a leading white label SEO Company. He frequently writes articles about Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn and their impact on business.