• Twitter Monitoring and Analyzing Tools

    Now social media has to offer much more than socializing, chatting and having fun. Businessmen are using social media tools to increase brand awareness. Moreover, social media is one of the best ways to connect your target audience in real time. Twitter is one of the best social media platforms, which has been being used by a large number of people. Twitter offers real time connectivity. This social media community has wider reach. Many social media tracking and analytic tools can give you insight of your performance on site like twitter. These applications can help you assess the effectiveness of your efforts and help you track what other people are saying about you.

    Twitter Grader: You can check the power of your twitter profile with help of this application. This application considers variety of factors such as your followers and followers of those followers. This application can provide you free report in few seconds.

    Twazzup: This dashboard program have close monitoring of twitter profile and provide you results by links popularity.

    Twitscoop: This application will help you understand the growing trends in real time. You can identify breaking news and monitors specific keywords easily. 

    Tweetbuzzer: This application will help you know which brand is most talked about on twitter in 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days period.

    Tweet effects: This application provides you information about which tweet has made people follow you and which made them leave you.

    TweetPsych: This application can create psychological profile of profile owner.

    MircoPlaza: This application watches your twitter networks and displays all the links shared by the people you follow with associated tweets.

    Twittercounter: It is a great tool that provides updates information of your followers and daily tweets. With this application, you can compare growth of multiple twitter accounts.

    TwitterAnalyzer: If you are a fan of Google analytics then you will love this interesting tool. You can see how many of your followers are online at any point of time. You can also get information about what people are writing about you. This application put all of your stats in chart forms.

    Klout:  This application is helpful in tracking impact of your opinions, links, and recommendation across your social graph. This application collects data from content you create and how people interact with that content. 

    You can manage your twitter account easily with these applications. First, be sure what kind of application you need then have it. Using many applications at one time can be confusing.