• Online Reputation Management for Hotels- Why it is Needed?

    Hospitality industry is increasing with a fast pace. Those who are in hotel business do not brook any vacant house or decrease in the number of persons dining in their hotels. Hence, they exhaust all the available resources, including the foul practice to maintain their influx of customers. Reputation management has become the need of the hour for those who want their hotels not to experience loss in their business, due to any online conspiracy.

    Arguably, no any sector has experienced the impact of Internet, as much as hospitality industry. People of today do not book a hotel, unless they see its review. If they come to know anything negative, they drop the plan of staying in that and go for other option. They do not doubt the review as they sincerely believe that they might get posted by the neutral clients. But, the truth is exactly the opposite.

    For a hotel, safeguarding its business interest and retaining the influx of its customers become very difficult, if any untoward occurs in its premises. On 4th July 2012, so many persons became ill after consuming the food of Shangri-la, a Five Star hotel in Delhi. This news spread like wildfire and the reputation of this hotel hit severely. Though it is the duty of the people to report anything that is bad for a particular accommodation provider, but it should not be done out of vendetta.

    Some people spit venom against a hotel, just to bring down its reputation. Even if they have never visited a particular accommodation provider, they make false claim of visiting there and complain of poor facilities. Though it is not possible to prevent those from doing harmful act, management of these comments is very much essential. This is where the importance of online reputation management for hotels lies.

    Some companies like Reputation.in, does a number of things to safeguard the reputation of an accommodation provider. Some of the highlights of its services are as follow:

    -Apprising the owner of any negative comment that pops up.
    -Submission of befitting reply/rebuttal quickly.
    -Welcome the constructive criticism and refuting the scandalous one.
    -Generating support for an accommodation among its loyal customers.

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