• Make Facebook viable as content Marketing Platform

    There is a great buzz about social media and everybody is talking about social media these days. However, Facebook brand pages are losing their importance for content marketing. In this article, you will come to know about convincing and converting your prospects. Usually Facebook ‘likes’ come from the users that who are not going to visit your page afterwards. This creates lower engagement on Facebook. And the Facebook algorithm uses the engagement as a form of ranking.  In order to leverage popularity of Facebook, you have to follow below mentioned steps.

    Create Interactive Apps:  It is not difficult to install interactive app for your Facebook page. Moreover, it bounds to give you more people sharing and clicking to your content. You can install application such as games, discussions, reviews, and videos. If your budget allows you to create your own app befitting to your business, it will be the most beneficial.

    Offering exclusive Access:  The best way to continually engage your fans and create new ‘likes’ is by providing exclusive access to something meaningful. You can provide access to helpful content.  Write a guide for procedure and process relevant to your field and provide it to your users. In this way, they will feel rewarded.

    Use Hashtags Properly:  Hashtags are very much effective for social media as they help businessmen connect to their target audience. And they are very much effective to the brands that have cult followings. Hashtags make search easy and they engage fans in a manner that forces them to use their own creativity.

    Apart from these tactics, you should also pay attention to what you are posting on Facebook and at which time you are posting. Studies have suggested that posts with images attract more engagement as compare to posts without images. And happy woman images the most engaging images on Facebook that attracts users’ attention. You should post 2-3 post on alternate day if your business is not dynamic in nature. Make your posts informative and engaging.

    Conclusion: Facebook is huge popular among the people of different age groups. And this ever-popular social media community is still viable for content marketing. This depends on brands and users how to use it. If you use this Facebook as one way advertising pitch machine, you will not get much success. Engaging your visitors is the basic formula of success on Facebook.

    Author Bio:

    The author is working as social media expert in a leading white label SEO Company in Delhi. He has written many articles on how to use Facebook as a marketing tool.