• How you can Unleash Power of Facebook for your Business

    In addition to making your tabs more interactive, it is very necessary for you to offer your users something that will force them keep coming to your website again and again. You will get great traffic if you offer something that your users find interesting and nothing can be more interesting than contests.  They help users come back to your page more frequently.

    You should reward you fans for liking your page by providing them something they cannot get anywhere else. The trend of coupons and special discount codes are has been a bit outdated. You can do something creative that will catch visitors’ interest.  You should always try to make you fans special with exclusive and creative content. You should ponder on these two points:

    Why your fans actually like your page?

    Think about the reason behind these likes

    If you are an admin of a page for a famous book, users will like to know about the things that have compelled writer to write the book. Suppose, you are running a fashion boutique, visitors may be interested in knowing about new arrivals. 
    Contest and Promotion

    The importance of contests and promotions has been so increased that they are required their own separate section. They are one of the most effective tools for grabbing attention of your fans who are involved on Facebook page.  There are a number of great reasons to run contest on your page. Being the nature of interacting, they encourage high level of interaction from fans. The best thing about contest is that only those can participate who are actively using your Facebook page. One more reason why your should involve in offering contest on your page is that users also share their own content. Users actively participate in contest that requires submitting essays, videos, and photos.

    Such kind of contest is much more than a passive sweepstake .You should keep in mind that these contests can give higher results to your brands. But it is not that simple running a contest. The prize should be worth the effort a visitor makes in participating the contest. You can also collect valuable data about your fan base from such contests.

    After collecting the useful information from contest, you can plan your marketing strategy.  These days, more and more people are connecting to this ever popular website. You can reap lots of benefits if you effectively include Facebook marketing  in your marketing strategies.

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