• How to Run Social Media Ads in 2020

    These days, social PPC has catching up very fast. Marketers are asking for LinkedIn and Facebook ads before going for Google Adwords. This is big shift in the word of PPC as marketers are thinking now about audience rather than keywords. As social PPC is still in growing phase, many marketers find it difficult sometimes. In this article, you will understand how to run PPC successfully on various social media platforms.

    · Organic presence on social media: This is true for twitter. If you want to use twitter ads, you have to create twitter account. For LinkedIn, you have to use have company page. The biggest advantage of social PPC is that you can easily reach to your target audience as you can refine your search on the basis of geography and keywords. To reach specific kind of audience, social PPC is the best way. Moreover, social PPC is most suitable for B2B advertisers. You can run successful PPC campaign on LinkedIn and Facebook pages without being active on them.

    · Number of Campaigns on social media: if you do not have significance organic social presence, you should start your campaign with lesser budget. Now it comes to how many campaigns you should run at a time. The answer is at least three and preferably four to five. You many increase numbers of ads as per as your advertisement budget.

    · Campaign on Facebook: With the introduction of custom audiences, Facebook has become preferred choice for many marketers. You can create segmented campaign easily with the help of this feature on Facebook. Custom audience is the biggest advantage of social PPC targeting.

    · Campaign on Twitter: You can broaden the reach of your tweets with the help of twitter ads. However, twitter ads are pay per engagement platform not the pay-per-click. And there is a difference between pay per engagement and pay per click. Ads on twitter are very effective to generate leads and increase your revenue.

    Social PPC is highly effective in generating leads and sales. If you run social PPC correctly, it will fetch you more sales. As compare to Google PPC advertisement, running social PPC is very economical. Social media is growing rapidly. Many businessmen have gained huge success by advertising on social media. Looking at the growth and reach of social media, you should plan PPC on social media as well to get wonderful returns.

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