• How to Increase Facebook Likes 2020

    Facebook is one of the most popular social media communities. Having a presence on Facebook can provide your website or blogs lots of traffic. When you are creating a Facebook page, you have to consider many important things that will decide the future of your page. It is not like that you have create a page and your target audience will flock there. In this article, you will come to know 7 easy steps that will help you get more ‘like’ for your Facebook page.

    Create a Interesting Page
    Though It looks obvious, but It is most important part of success of your Facebook page. There are lot many boring pages on Facebook. Therefore, create an interesting page that holds the attentions of visitors.

    Create Engaging Content
    It can be little difficult to create epic content for every post. But, you must make every effort to make content of your post engaging and relevant to your niche. Always think before posting that will this content will add value to your Facebook page or your audience will get any benefit from it.

    Invite and tell your friends
    Send email to your nearest and dearest and ask them to share your page to their friends. This will only work if their community is in the same niche as you. If your target market is travel insurance, it is no good sending the request of your page to a friend whose target market is arts and crafts.

    Get Networking
    The more you get involved in other Facebook communities, the more engagement you will have from people. If you post on other Facebook pages of your niche, you are likely to get more fans for your page. Try to involve other people in to comments; this is very helpful in increasing Facebook likes.

    Introduce Contest
    Everyone loves contests as people like to win free stuff. If you run a contest in right way, you will get more Facebook likes. You should make prize relevant to your industry so that people of your niche become involved.

    Add Facebook like box on your website
    Installing Facebook like button on your website is very helpful in getting more likes. This will enable visitors of your website like your Facebook page easily and quickly.

    Run a thread
    It can be huge beneficial if you run a thread on Facebook. You can post tread like ‘I will answer every question next thirty minutes’. Thread of this kind is very helpful in getting more likes on Face. Make your thread customer centric rather than your business.

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