• How to Find out Unnatural Outbound Links causing Google Penalty

    After the Google’s recent manual action against MyBlogGuest, many people have started to find out unnatural links, especially unnatural outbound links. It gives lots of distress when you find a notification in your Google Webmaster tools account. You can get traffic very soon if you take prompt action and resolve the issue that might be causing you penalty.

    People get this message when Google find unnatural outbound links.  However, Google does not give any idea about which particular links of pages are culprit for this problem. You have to find out yourself.

    Links that may be causing problems

    In order to find out problem-causing links, you should begin to look at every link you have sold. You should immediately convert those links in to nofollow internal links.  If you have been in part of any reciprocal links building campaign, you should check those links thoroughly. Recently, Google has become strict on websites that have large number of guest posts. You should check the guest posts if they have links particularly to home page of other websites. If your blogs allow commenting, do check them for keyword rich anchor texts. You should have record of links that you have made nofollow or deleted in a shared Google Doc, as Google does not trust external file types.

    Filing Reconsidering Request

    You should submit your website for reconsideration if you have checked your websites for problem causing links as mentioned above. Sign in to Google webmaster tools and there you will find reconsideration page. Do not be discouraged if you are not able to pass reconsideration phase in first attempt. Check the linking patterns again. After fixing the problem, you should submit reconsideration request again.

    Gaining Traffic back

    You will be able to see improvement when manual action by Google has been lifted. Normally it takes few weeks for your traffic returning to back.

    This is the easiest penalty to recover from, as you do not have to ask others to remove links from your website. You can do it easily. Prevention is better than cure. Once you are recovered from this penalty, you should keep a close watch on your link building pattern.
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