• Five Tactics that will Improve Ranking of Your Website

    These days, it has become very tough to get first page ranking in search engines. Your competitors are leaving no stone unturned to outrank you in search results. In this article, you will get few guidelines that will help you in getting on first page.

    Name Pages Accurately: There are many ways that you can employ for new pages. This can put marketers in hurry. They can stuff keywords in the content, which is not good. Your pages should get natural names. You should always have search friendly CMS pages for better searchability.

    Write worthy Meta descriptions: Many people overlook Meta section of their CMS. The description you add to your new pages will show up in the preview section of search engine results below the URLs. If you write engaging Meta description, click through rate (CTR) of your website will be increased.  Try to write short, relevant, and inviting Meta descriptions.

    Have Right Formatting: CMS does not have knowledge what elements you want to display. You should add appropriate tags like H1 for primary tag and H2 for subtitles and so on. This helps both readers and search engines. Most importantly, Google and other search engines decide based on this what keywords and phrases are relevant to content.

    Alt image description: The image alt description should be meaningful description of the image. It should clearly describe what it is in the image.

    Page Publishing and Sharing: Now it comes to content. You should to create content that is useful for users. Make some research in your niche and try to find out what your customers are searching for. This will help you create the content that customers will love. Most importantly, users share such kind of content more frequently. The search engines love user generated content. If you publish high quality content, your content will be shared more frequently. Search engines will consider your content more relevant.  And this will increase your ranking in search engines.

    These guidelines will help you get high ranking in search engines. In today’s times when there is tough competition at market place. You should employ right techniques to get high ranking in search engines, only then you will be able to outperform your competitors. Internet is dominating every sphere of human life.  You cannot ignore this stream of marketing which has the wider reach. Employ these above-mentioned techniques and have high ranking in search results.

    Author Bio:

    The author is working as an SEO expert in a leading white label SEO Company. He has written many articles about social media optimization and its impact on ROI of business.