• 8-Tips for Successful Facebook Posting

    Facebook is one of the most loved social media platforms. People of every age spend time on this ever-popular social media community. Considering the popularity of Facebook, you should leverage this platform at fullest for your business. In this article, you will get to know 8-tips that can difference to your social media strategies for Facebook.

    Be Positive:
    You should always make your post positive. People dislike post if it is negative or controversial. You all efforts should be focused on creating positive posts that will get shared by fans.

    Include links and tips to make post informative:
    People love the posts that are informative. You can post interesting facts about your company. You can post tips if you are an expert of the field. If your company maintains a blog, you can share link of that blog. You should use link shortener like Bit.ly instead of posting long URLs.

    Include image and logo of your company:
    Posts that have images get highest amount of engagement on Facebook. Therefore, you should always include image and logo of your company in post if it is possible.

    Make your posts mobile friendly :
    Try to include simple image that can easily be seen on mobile devices. About 50-70% of your fans will see your post on their mobile phones.  Therefore, mobile users should be your first priority when you are creating content.

    Be thankful to your fans:
    Fans want to have feeling of being in your community. You should take advantage of this fact. Fans can be brand advocates of your company on social media. You should offer something to your fans on Facebook so that they can feel benefits of being your fans. This will increase social network of your business.

    Posts should be engaging:
    You should post in the form of multiple-choice questions, fill in the blanks etc. This will make your posts engaging. Engaging posts will rope in more people in conversation.  The more people will engage with your posts, the more chances of increasing business you have.

    Post 5-10 times a week:
    Some businessmen post too much and some post too little. You should make sure that you do it in a balance. Post 5-10 times a week is ideal for posting.
    Ask for feedbacks:
    Asking your fans for feedbacks is helpful in engaging your fans. Moreover, asking for feedbacks will make your fans feel that their opinions matter.

    Author Bio:
    The author is working as social media expert in a leading SEO reseller company. He has written many articles on Facebook marketing and its impact on business.