• 7-Ways to Increase Google+ Followers

    Google+ profile is created by default when someone creates account on Gmail. Now this social media networking site from search engine giant Google has about one billion registered and 360 active users. This is one of the most favorite social media communities among businessmen. If you are a businessperson, you should have active Google+ account and keep on working to increase followers. Moreover, Google plus shows dramatic increase in search engine ranking. Here are some ways that can help you increase followers on this ever-popular community. 

    · Have personal profile to build business brand:

    You should also use your personal profile together with your business page. Considering the influence of Google authorship in SEO, it is good idea to make sure that your personal profile is stronger.

    · Treat your Google + page like a micro blog:

    You should update your page on regular basis. The content of your post should be exclusive, compelling, and valuable. As the Google plus posts are searchable, you should treat them like a micro blog. You should strictly keep content relevant to your business.

    · Have relevant people in your circle:

    Google+ is not crowed with fake profiles like Facebook. In order to be other people’s circles, you have to make your business profile professional. You should add descriptions images etc. However, the real networking will be through your personal profile. You should take part in active discussion with leading people in your niche.

    · Have an eagle eye on trending topics:

    If you follow the trending topics, you will have the idea about what kind of posts and images are getting more exposure among your target audience.

    · Search for users you want to connect:

    You should search for the leading people in your niche and have them in your circle. Try Communicate with them. This will help you increase your follower.

    · Create event and invite followers:

    You should try to create circle of Google+ users whom you want to target. Create an event for hangout and send invitation to your followers. Do not forget to write a compelling title and banner to grab people’s attention.

    · Use hashtags to link your post :

    You should have tabs on trending topics on, which will provide you an idea about what types of posts. Images or GIF are getting more exposure among people of your segment.

    These few ways will help you get more followers on Google+. Always try to provide your followers something unique, this will help you grow your followers.

    Author Bio:

    The author is working as SEO expert Delhi in a leading white label SEO Reseller Company. He keeps on writing articles on the topics related to SEO and SMO.