• 10-Things to Know If You are New on Twitter

    In recent years, twitter has cached up very fast. Businesspersons, entrepreneurs, students, and people from other occupations have made their presence on this popular social media community that provides platform to express in 140 characters. In this article, you will come to know ten things that you must be aware of if you are new on twitter.

    1- You can use twitter for both purposes personally and professionally. Share any funny or interesting thing that you have gone through today. You can also share launch of your new products on twitter.

    2- Retweet the tweets you find interesting and mentioned the influencers in your tweets. If any influencer mention you in his/her tweet, chances of you getting more followers increases.

    3- You should try to grow you followers. That you can do by following the people of your niche. Many of them will follow you back. It takes times to have a long list of followers but it is worth making efforts.

    4- You should follow people back if they follow you. This is the best way to increase your followers.

    5- Use a good profile picture and engaging header for your twitter profile. Do not change them frequently. People keep tracks of their favorite persons.

    6- Always, pick the tweet wisely. If your tweet in not useful for your followers, they may find it annoying. Keep it to your niche and be concise. Have a watch full eye on what is latest happening in your field and tweet it. People love this kind of tweets.

    7- Never hesitate to use third party applications that are helpful in managing your list of followers. TweetDeck is wonderful application that will help you track the people you want to tack. You can use Twhirl, if you have followers less than 100.

    8- Get noticed by the influencers of your niche by retweeting them or by mentioning them with the help of @. You will get more followers by mentioning influencers in your tweets or retweeting them.

    9- Always be natural when you are twitter. If you do not like something just mention it clearly. People love natural behavior.

    10- If you have a blog or website, you should mention it in your bio section. Write clear and concise bio.

    If you keep these then points in mind, you will have long list of followers. The most important thing for being successful on twitter is enjoying the magic of 140 characters.

    Author Bio:

    The author is working as social media expert in a leading white label SEO Company. He has written many articles about successful marketing strategies for twitter and Facebook.