• SEO for Startups & New Businesses: A 9 Step Plan

    You have started a new company and have a great range of products. Now, you want to get found on the first page of search engines. Many things have to be done apart from having a good website. Under mentioned are things that will help you doing right search engine optimization for your website.

    SEO for Startups

    •Knowing the Keywords: 

    You should be aware of your targeted keywords. This you will get to know by thinking about behaviors of your customers. There are some tools that you can utilize to get an idea about keywords that you should target.

    •Practice Content Marketing: 

    Create a plan for content creation after deciding the keywords. You should post blogs, videos, and other kinds of digital content that can give more impact.

    •Flawless website:

    Modern content management systems are equipped with many useful tools that can help you a lot. Word press has some great SEO plugins that can make technical side easy. These days, most of the content management systems can create sitemaps. Create sitemap of your website and submit it to Google.

    •Do on-page Optimization: 

    Have web pages, images, social profiles, brand pages, PFDFs in order. You should make sure that your content is optimized before publishing. Content should have inbound link support and social signals.

    •Develop Social Authority:

    Social authority has the potential to become a major ranking factor in today’s search results.

    •Distribute PRs:

    You should distribute PRs in various sites. This is a good way to create online buzz for your company.


    You should make sure that your content team post the content on Google+, LinkedIn or whatever social media is relevant.

    •Have Key Metrics in Place:

    Many tools can evaluate content and social sharing for Search Engine Optimization point of view. You should add web analytics to get idea of how content is doing. 

    •Content Syndication: 

    You should have clear idea in your mind how you are going to promote and syndicate content.


    These above-mentioned steps will help your search engine optimization efforts to be more successful. After some time, you may need to change keywords and content. But the basic things will remain unchanged. Competition at market place in increasing day by day, it is not easy for new business to be successful. But if you follow these simple steps, your SEO strategy will be more result yielding. And you will have better ROI.