• How to Create Effective Facebook Advertisement

    People are fed up seeing the same image repeatedly on Face book. These days, Image fatigue has become a big issue on Face book.  This one of the biggest social media websites also understands this fact. This is the reason why Facebook tends to lower the impression of old adds after 72 hours.  You need to adopt solid strategies if you are planning to run advertise campaign on Facebook.  Otherwise, you will not get desired results. In this article, author has discussed three methods that can help you tackle image fatigue on Facebook.

    How to Create Effective Facebook Advertisement

    Step 1: Creating Facebook Ads

    Some of the best images that are known for conversion are happy women, company logos, headshots, and fruits & Vegetables. You should start testing 7 to 10 different ads including these images. After some days, you are likely to notice that one or two ads pull ahead of all others. This can help you in deciding which the best performing ad is. You should come up with the variation of that ad . Suppose, if the images of women are working fine for you, create ad that incorporate different kinds of happy women so as to maintain the freshness of ad.

    Step 2: Testing Facebook Ads

    After getting images that work for you, you should create small adjustments every few days to give freshness to your add. You can do under mentioned modification to keep ads fresh.

    •Change the color background
    •Change the colored border around the image.
    •Change colored bars down the side images
    •Add small flags or other elements to image corners.

    Step 3: Refine Facebook Ad Testing

    You can do following modification further to improve the performance of ads:
    •You can add different color background or different color flags in the corner of ads.
    •You can use different widths of image borders.
    •You can placement of flag.

    These are some basic things that you should consider while creating Facebook advertising campaign. Studies have shown that best kinds of images to be used in Facebook advertising are of happy women. The women who look free and looking directly at camera and overjoyed women convert best. Millions of people use Facebook and new people are adding to this ever-popular community on daily basis. It can give better results if you use this medium for advertisement in a effective way. As most of the people connected to Facebook are of younger age, ads on Facebook will give you better ROI if your product portfolio has something to offer to younger generation.

    Author Bio:

    The author is social media expert working for a leading SEO company. He has written many articles on how a social media can play a vital role in internet marketing.