• Website Hosting Company Delhi

     Website Hosting Company Delhi

    A web hosting service is one that allows individual and organizations to make the website reachable through the World Wide Web. Web hosts companies also provide INTERNET connectivity typically through a data center. The span of hosting company can vary significantly. The files are usually delivered to the web through minimal processing.

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    There are different types of web hosting services

    Hosting options obtainable are:

    1-Free Hosting

    2-Shared Hosting

    3-Dedicated Hosting

    4-Collocated Hosting

    Free Hosting

    Free hosting is a good alternative when you just want to create website for the purpose of fun. Very often in this type, the connection speed is slow, website sometimes works slowly and advertising banner is automatically added to the website.

    Shared Hosting

    In this type of hosting, you and other websites share the server. They are affordable and cost of operation is shared between these owners. However this type of hosting is slower in most of the cases.

    Dedicated Hosting

    It is a good alternative for such kind of websites that want higher level of security. It is dedicated and you have the entire web server. It has faster performance and the operator is responsible for cost of operation.

    Collocated Hosting

    In this type of hosting, you will purchase your own server and have it housed at a web host’s facilities. You can install application of the need.

    Importance of web hosting

    Credible web hosting is crucial section of building the website. It is a major step that how your website would deliver to the customer. The customers want to access website at any time during the day.